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International buyers of meat plants and other Food Processing Businesses.

We buy food processing factories from owners, investors, banks, liquidators, administrators, finance companies and corporate recovery specialists throughout the world. Dedicated to the global food industry, we have a huge database of potential buyers for meat industry assets and meat processing plants and equipment.

Recently we have sold complete hot dog facilities in the Philippines, poultry slaughter houses throughout Europe and the Middle East, burger and sausage factories worldwide as well as complete lines for convenience foods and further processing to the Far East, Latin America, Scandinavia, Russia and Australia. Experienced in dismantling and shipping equipment for emerging markets and developed countries.

Fish processing asses are also a big part of our business so call us today if you have any fish, shellfish or equipment to dispose of or visit

We own an auctioneer and valuation business and can conduct auctions, tenders or negotiated sales or offer an outright sale to us.

Top prices paid due to our focus on the industrial food processing sector.

Contact us tdoday to discuss your options in total confidence.

Meat Plant Machinery